We are capable of bringing an entirely new organization online, from the design phase to launch. This includes running all data, voice and audio/video lines, providing all necessary hardware and software, installing and configuring the network (network hardware, wireless setup, printers/copiers) and reliably providing ongoing maintenance & support.


Our skillset includes network design and implementation, installing switches, configuring routers, implementing and extending wireless networks, and performance tweaking.


We can build, install and maintain physical and virtual servers to meet your needs. Virtualization is heavily utilized, and we are experienced with delivering many different apps via a virtual desktop environment.


Our technicians are very experienced at Operating System installs of Windows and macOS, configuring workstations, troubleshooting, and solving any problems you may be experiencing with your computer.


Wish there was a program out there that could simplify and enhance your work processes? We have created multiple custom web applications from scratch to suit specific business needs.


We have many years of experience running data, voice and audio/video wiring, be it during construction, replacing old lines for a new phone system, or running an extra few lines here and there where needed.

Cloud Computing

Whether it’s integrating Dropbox into your workflow, taking care of all the details of a Google Workspace email migration, or moving your team's entire desktop environment to Microsoft Azure, we know how to make Cloud Computing work for you.

And much more...

In addition to those listed above, we also have experience with a number of other disciplines in tech and industry-specific apps. We're always learning new things and improving ourselves to provide the most we can for our clients.

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